2.0.5 on Mac OS X

News and info about current and upcoming releases of the game client and server.
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one thing hehe (but nobody is going to care).

in fog, there is no wind, so tecnically the flags shouldn't wave about.

Oh, and i love the server search feature (i requested this in the ideas section of the bzflag wiki ages ago - glad to see it in there at last!)
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JeffM2501 wrote:we found out why plugins didn't work in that last one (xcode strips API links out of the bzfs binary ).

so I have made

http://my.bzflag.org/builds/2.0.x/bzfla ... .11.08.dmg

please give it a shot
Plugins still don't work. When I try to "/loadplugin /Users/server/Desktop/BZFlag/plugins/airspawn.so" I get this error in the bzfs window:

Code: Select all

Welcome to Darwin!
iMac-G5-Computer:~ server$ /Users/server/Desktop/local_server.command; exit
using password file "/Users/server/Desktop/server/global/server.pass"
using userDB file "/Users/server/Desktop/server/global/server.users"
using group file "/Users/server/Desktop/server/global/groups_cvs.txt"
using spam time of 3
using spam warn amount of 3
using team flag timeout of 120 seconds
dyld: lazy symbol binding failed: Symbol not found: __Z15bz_debugMessageiPKc
  Referenced from: /Users/server/Desktop/BZFlag/plugins/airspawn.so
  Expected in: flat namespace

dyld: Symbol not found: __Z15bz_debugMessageiPKc
  Referenced from: /Users/server/Desktop/BZFlag/plugins/airspawn.so
  Expected in: flat namespace

/Users/server/Desktop/local_server.command: line 1: 18411 Trace/BPT trap          /Users/server/Desktop/BZFlag/BZFlag.app/Contents/MacOS/bzfs -d -conf /Users/server/Desktop/server/hidenseek/bzfs.conf >/Users/server/Desktop/server/hidenseek/server.log
[Process completed]
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oh well then.
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Ice Wewe
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I've been able to build BZFlag 2.0.5 on OS X (10.4.3). All you really have to do is install Developer tools, then compile SDL, then compile BZFlag. I've got it made for Darwin-8.3.0, if you want, give me an email that can take large (about 160 MB) attachments, and I'll send you the compiled source. Or you could use Jeff's easy way.
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