BZFlag servers location list (geolist) with source code

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BZFlag servers location list (geolist) with source code

Post by blast » Thu Apr 21, 2011 10:22 am ... tion-list/ ... -released/

I set up a repository for the geolist source code. I released the code under the MIT license. You can go get the code at Bitbucket.

Here’s some additional features that I might add in the future:
  • HTML5 geolocation support to display servers sorted by distance.
  • KML file generation
  • Integration with Google Maps and/or Google Earth (the Google Earth plugin in the browser, at least – but could be for the desktop application as well)
  • Support for the MaxMind GeoLite City database.
Note that it does use a couple files (and will soon use more) from another open-source project of mine called mvcish.
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