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Jumping Skillz Stat Website

Post by SkillDude » Tue Jun 14, 2011 3:29 am

Hello Jumping Skillz fans. If you loathe the new maps (Or hate them, most do) then I have something fun for you to enjoy.

Jumping Skillz Stats Webpage (http://sigonasr2.servegame.org/jump)

The website includes the Point Leaders of the server, which is the overall ranking of players. Every player is ranked based on the number of times they capped on the server to the number of times they died on the server.

The webpage also includes the fastest times on each difficulty level and who it was made by along with recent caps and a few other statistics.

A list of the servers, whether they are online or offline, and the current countdown timer on each server is displayed on the right hand side. Useful for knowing how much time is left on the server you want to visit.

Another neat feature is individual player searching. In the upper-left corner of the page you will find a box to allow you to search for any callsign and then it will display data relating to the player. This data includes their current Points rank compared to everyone else along with how they perform at each difficulty level. Each difficulty level has its own ranking also to allow you to see how you stack up with the rest of the competition at certain levels.

Also, all of the names listed on the side under the records displays can be clicked on to view additional information like searching them through the textbox.

The website was built and designed for standard compliants web browsers, which means Internet Explorer is discluded. A bare-bones version of the website is displayed to the user if they are viewing the webpage with Internet Explorer along with a message telling the user they can view the full version by getting Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. No search functionality is included in the bare-bones version, just the record stats and server list displays.

Some new stats! Including climbing rate, and average completion percentage! The percentage shows up in game too!

Career ranks are now up also! Everybody's career rank should be the same as their previous month's rank, as they don't have a cumulative career point amount yet. Good luck to all Jumpers in July! Also we now have some additional features with the stats and a new obstacle of the month! Check it out!

[EDIT 3]: We have officially moved to 2.4.0. We will keep the 2.0.16 servers until the player base in 2.0.16 drops down to less than 8 players in a whole day. We are also looking into a new feature called the "Stake Races" with 100; 1000; 10,000; and 100,000 point buy-ins. The stake races allow players to race against each other to gain more points. Of course, points have to be earned originally at the main servers and then you may become eligible for races. After players join, they may first raise the bets if they feel brave up to the maximum amount any one player has on the server. If all the other players agree to the bet amount, the race begins. The winner gets 80% of the pot, followed by a 20% distribution across the losing players (2nd place receives the most followed by a quick drop in points for the remaining amount.) Slash commands will include:
/ready (Players type this when they are prepared to race.)
/raise X (Players type this along with a number to raise the amount to X. It will automatically be set to the highest possible if it exceeds any player's current points. All players in ready state are removed from that.)
/call (To call the bet. Puts them in the ready state again.)
/cancel (Cancels the bet. Reverts to the original bet and all players will be required to type /ready again after being informed of the original bet.)

Note that players need only land on a base block to win. There will be no flag for capping as that may interfere with the race. Once all but the last player have finished, the points will be distributed.

Hope you enjoy using the website Jumping Skillz Fans!

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