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External websites, for and about BZFlag
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Contact: - not new, but still not listed here ^^

Post by strayer » Wed Jan 04, 2006 10:46 am


I think it's time to advertise my website to those who don't know that it exists... :D

Some words to it's history (because it's quite old now)...
In fact, the only reason for this website was my PHP script that queries the BZFlag servers. I wrote it 2002 to get the game data from the 1.07x servers. Now, it seems to be the only one which supports the servers after 1.07b to 2.0.x, afaik. (ok, the old 1.07 servers are outdated :wink: )
During the years..I added some other stuff: BZComics, server stats, web-based IRC (CGI:IRC), ELO rating calculator, the possibility to choose one of different site layouts (like one that's inspired by
The last innovations were:
  • BZ history ('A brief history of BZFlag told by the original author himself.')
    BZ changelog (content of ChangeLog file in a 'readable' style)
    BZ developer (list of the official BZFlag developers...registered at
    BZ flaglist (short listing of available flags)
    BZ server -options- (available command line options for the BZFlag game server)
    BZ client -commands- (available BZFlag client commands)
    BZ key mapping (overview of the BZFlag client's default key mapping)
> These parts get their data from the sites (most of them from the web CVS sites) and are automatically checked (and eventually refreshed) for 'up-to-datedness'. The last four things are a little different to the others and were added in December of 2005, but seem to work now (more or less). These information come from the source files of the actual it's possible that they contain stuff that isn't available in the released version(s), but will be in the next one. The descriptions of the flags, server options, client commands and key map aren't as detailed as on other BZFlag related sites, but they are from the source files (as I said) and I wanted (nearly) complete listings of them, because the available stuff I found in the Internet isn't complete (even the manpages are not -> hint). That's why I wrote these keep the data up-to-date.

Tattaa...self-adulation in ultimate perfection...but I hope that someone consider the stuff on my website as funny, usefull or something like that... :wink:

A pessimist is an optimist with experience... ;o)

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Post by Sir Lance-A-Lot » Wed Jan 04, 2006 12:46 pm

8) Nice BZ Comics.


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