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What would you think of the following?

Posted: Thu May 11, 2006 10:37 pm
by pyr0
I will begin a new project soon. It will be called BZGenesis and will more or less be several current projects in one all by new code. More or less, a place for everything BZ.

This is the current list of things I plan to include, the very general stuff, expected, and the projects either already created or to be used.

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General Features of BZGenesis:
* User registration
* News
* Forums
* Private Messages
* Polls
* Theme Interface

Main Features of BZGenesis:
* Server to Server Admin linking
* Server Listing
* Match Server listing and adding
* League Interface (For Leagues to be created and administered)
* User to Team linking
* Who's Online (Player listing)
* Maps Database
* Image Submission scripting (Maps and otherwise)
The only downfall to some of these features is the process of being added. A server admin needs to link to his own servers on the site and add his match servers. Now that leads to some mean people setting their own servers up, which arent really theirs to add. That means Each One will need to be checked out after a server admin requests additions. Given, if a server admin has been approved previously and uses the same address, it will add without question. (e.g., BzFire adds 1 Ducati-Style server to admin link, its approved. Any he adds next would be approved automatically, including match servers.)

Match server addition would be worked in with linking to allow admins to add if theyve previously linked, but if that server is inactive for 3 days straight and unreachable by the server, it deletes without prejudice.

Map Submission is The Mapatorium, recoded, but included here. I started a recode on it, but couldnt get SVN to work right with the sourceforge project so i lost intrest for a while.

User to Team linking is what you see on strayers page, just modified a bit. This means it will take League data constantly (once or twice a day) and link it in the DB to the user who is registered. It will also hold data in the DB for ones who arent registered on the project site, so you still see it.

One that isnt listed is League Admin to User linking. This means a user who wishes to add his league, using current league code can do so at his leisure. But, he can also create a league site on the project, which I will talk about next.

League Sites would be a place like, but will be custom coded to try and be compatible with current league codes (in the sense of exporting data so other sites can use it), but will be completely new and connected to everything else.

Image Submission would be what the name implies. Create, Modify and Delete groups of your own, or add to current Public Groups. Images only, max of 250kb or 500kb maybe, allowed to be hotlinked up to an extent (if it gets too bad, ill cut the hotlinking and limit hotlinking to certain users or to a BW limit). You can always submit images for maps up to 750kb or so and up to 4 per map.

There is more, I just cant think of it. But 2 things I CAN think of that I want to add, for personal reasons more so then other reasons is a Uptime and Latest Music listing. Yes Yes, done before and everywhere else, but this ones more for me and coded to my own specifications. Now this feature would be limited to 2 things, if your globally registered as well as if your a slightly active player. I say that because its BW and CPU it would take for what the feature is meant to accomplish. You could create dynamic images with both to go here or anywhere, so long as I or another admin approves you to use this feature. It's more of a fun feature and can let other BZers see what you listen to as well as compare it to teammates, and the overall community. (XX% have listened to techno at least once, but only YY% have listened to it more then 100 times.)

Image Submission and the 2 fun features above will be BW intensive and CPU intensive so it will be the most controlled aspects of the site. But I plan to do it a bit different then my favorite music site did it in the past ( Dead, but site still up, no music data though). I will instead have things split as needed to save sql bandwidth instead of storing EVERY song individually, I'll store info in a music table, then link the song id to the user, if it doesnt exist, it will when its done adding. The process will change as I get to it, not sure exactly yet. But for this, I'll need to fiddle with a linux plugin for xmms and banshee (only 2 ive used, only banshee do i like). there was one on windows that could send anywhere you pick, so that would be what I'd have windows users use. Mac, ehh, On you guys, dunno anything about it.

Any ideas? Comments? Etc... Post em, PM em, Whatever. I'm at school this second, so I may be caught up for another hour or 2 so I can ACTUALLY LISTEN for the first time in 6 weeks.


Posted: Thu May 11, 2006 11:56 pm
by strayer
Wow...I'm really impressed.
How long do you expect you'll need for all (excl. the 2 fun features)? If I don't misunderstand you, it sounds like a lot of work.

I seems you have noticed my bzstats test site. Beside online and total stats for players and servers it contains the 'User to Team linking' (btw...the league data are updated once a day ;) and a match server overview (actually not visible, but already implemented). There is also the possiblility to add match servers by players. I realized this by requesting player's global nick and password. If the player is registered on this board here, he/she can add, modify, delete match server entries. (Every action will be logged to recover data if this service will be misused...whyever.)
-> I needed 'enough' time for this...and that's why I wonder how/when you'll realize your plans (that go much further than the stuff I did). No question...what you want to do would be useful, but be sure that it's worth to invest your time and skills. ;o)

However...I'm thinking about rewriting my bzstats stuff which is actually only a 'proof of concept' and not laid out for real performance. If you're willing to do what you wrote we could (maybe) share some ressources...just write me an email or PM. :o)


Posted: Fri May 12, 2006 12:28 am
by pyr0
I dont know how long it'll really take. To be realistic, it may be a good several months to be complete. I plan to attempt the general setup first (the General Features). That may take a short while to get a general version running that is complete. Once I finish that, I'll begin the rest of it. I believe the League part will take the longest (not including the fun features of course). So with that, it will likely be the last feature.

And as for the sharing of resources, I'd be glad to once I begin coding :) It may be a day or 2 until I get into the coding a bit. Right now I'm just creating a layout/format for the code and how I'd like it to be setup. I'll get the user database setup up first, then the forums and PM system. Once those 2 are working and such, I'll begin the rest and make it public so people can help me with finding the errors I dont see or that are OS/Browser specific (not likely to be many, but always possible in my past experiences).