A Distraction's "Fuel Stack"

User made maps to use on servers.
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Triumph of the Soul
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A Distraction's "Fuel Stack"

Post by Triumph of the Soul »

Name: Fuel Stack
Native Style: FFA
Time to Create: Approximately 6 Days.
Known Bugs/Issues: I couldn't get flags to work, although someone is welcome to try (The zones I tried using are still there, although the flags have been deactivated). Apparently, arcs texture funny.
Author Comments: If by some miniscule chance, somebody decides to host this publicly (or even privately for that matter) I would advise against turning ricochet on at this map. You can probably guess why. All of the fighting at this map takes place inside the cylindrical building, and its connecting tunnels. The teleporters on floors 1, 2, 6, 7, and 8, all link to the corresponding teleporter on the same floor. Floor three links to five, and likewise, five links to three. Four has no teleporters and has one long complete tunnel. There are two objects with death physics applied: The floor, and the top of the cool red beam. There is a jump pad at the bottom of the cool red beam so be careful if you land on it not to go vaulting into death. I am debating whether to put in a waterLevel, as F5ing out of the chamber is relatively easy. It is also easy to get back in as the back walls of the tunnels on floors 1 and 2 are drivethrough, to allow the teleporters to work.

This map is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license.

As always, I welcome constructive criticism.

Edit: The newest version has some very nice anti-wall-walking mechanisms, all of which I am quite proud of.
The outside of the complex. No one ever goes out there.
(508.22 KiB) Downloaded 197 times
One of the tunnels on floor three.
(431.57 KiB) Downloaded 204 times
The main chamber.
(400.88 KiB) Downloaded 218 times
A Distraction's latest creation. Designed to invoke countless hours of fun and time wasting.
(30.48 KiB) Downloaded 294 times
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The Frog Master
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Post by The Frog Master »

Very interesting, hope it works out playability wise, good work,

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Post by ducktape »

Nice map cant wait to play.
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Post by Legolas_ »

I must say that that map looks incredibly playable. I must agree, ricochet would be pretty bad.

Now, I tried hosting a private server to mess with the zones. After about 1/2 hour of fiddling I still could not get the flags to spawn correctly (or at all even in most cases...)

If a flag were to be added I would add 1 or 2 stealth flags, these will work pretty good with the tunnels.

And last, have you decided to ever add a CTF version of the Map? It *might* be fun if one teams base was on the bottom, the other on the top. However, falling down would be a lot easier than climbing up. Then again, you would have to return the flag aswell, so flag carriers would have to go both directions..

Interesting concept A Distraction, I hope you continue to work and try to improve the very few bugs, and maybe fix the textures (I don't even know if that is possible).

I expected nothing less from this map, keep up the good work A distraction, you are doing a fine job.
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A Looney Kumquat
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Post by A Looney Kumquat »

very fine peice of art- looks like wonderful fun, and I cant wait until I can play it!

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Post by Macrosoft »

temporary hosting at mdk0.servegame.com:5156
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Post by meeba »

I was goofing around on Macrosoft's server with this map, and I must say, it is an amazing looking map. However, I might make some suggestions.

The feel of the map is a bit empty. It's a great design, but needs more in terms of obstacles, or, dare I say it, world weapons.

Also, it's really hard to see the paths to walk on. I'm not sure if that was intentional, but it's a bit of an eyestrain and/or annoyance.

Other than that, I love it. The building structure is very nice, and you could conjure up some wicked playstyles in this map. It just needs a couple additions, then it will be perfect.

Good work, AD.
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optic delusion
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Post by optic delusion »

As for flag spawns on arcs...
I did something similar awhile back, I couldn't get a teleporter to work that was placed on an arc. They tell me it's a floating point error, having to do with the value of pi when calculating the arc, or some crap.
For me, running the map on a server version 2.0.4 or earlier worked. It seems this bug first appeared in 2.0.6. Not sure if this would work for you. I suggest you at least try it.

You could also make objects that are directly above your flag zones passthrough.

I'm sure this would work, but use it as a last resort..... save the map as obj format, import it into wings3d, then export it back to bzw, as meshes. Of course you'd have to re-do your physics,etc.

I think it's a cool enough map to go the extra mile to get it perfect.
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