Battle of Britain (V1)

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Battle of Britain (V1)

Post by slon02 »

Here is the map that I've been working on for quite a while with little progress so I've decided to throw it out there and call it V1. The goal for the green team (Germans) is to capture the red flag which is in the center by getting down from their platform floating in the sky and getting it to their base on the ground on the other side of the map. The reds (British) have to get the green flag which is on the sky platform by using the teleporter on the ground and taking it back to their base. The red base is fortified against ground and air attacks while the green base is equipped to launch air strikes against the red base. The red base includes fun stuff like GM towers and areas where you can shoot lasers and machine guns from. Outside of the red base there are bunkers with more flag spawns where you can camp the exits from the base.
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The Battle of Britain Map(V1)

Post by Tom-Tom »

I think this is a great map. It's easy to play, interesting, while at the same time not just a bunch of boxes. It requires some strategy to be good on it, but not an amount that could annoy anyone. This map is great and I hear the V2 of this is going to be even better. If you look at the pictures of the map you can see why I'm saying what I'm saying. This is a very enjoyable map. :) For those of you who find that this map's features aren't so amazing when you look at them you will find out that the map is actually really good when you play it because it has some great special features.
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