MoFo-Tunnels Mashup (V2)

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MoFo-Tunnels Mashup (V2)

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This is a mashup of two maps- Passion and Tunnels. There are some bugs in it that I haven't gotten around to fixing yet, most notably the purple and red teams having two bases and some of the holes in the ground leading you to your doom if you don't fall down correctly. A big thanks goes out to Constitution, Mofo and Warinthestar for helping to make this map happen.

For the tunnels part of the map:
The author of this map authorizes its unrestricted use on all public and private BZFlag servers, in its original form or with modifications. However, this map's authorship must be properly attributed to Constitution (even if the map is modified), either in the "-public" server description, the "-srvmsg" message, the "-admsg" message, or an accessible help file.

Map file taken down due to license headaches.
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