"Rincon Island" map...

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"Rincon Island" map...

Post by Lan » Mon Aug 02, 2004 3:27 am

This map is based on a real island that I seen in person a countless amount of times around the city of Carpinteria, CA, USA (actually, the island is at Mussel Shoals, but Mussel Shoals is less than half a mile wide in each direction, so it doesn't count :) ). The thing about this island is that it is not a fantasy island, or anything, it is a small (less than .5 miles wide/long) that is used by the government for oil storage, maintanance, mining, etc.... and has a bridge extending from Mussel Shoals to the island, as to allow authorized people access it. It is not publicly acessible, and is gated up with barbed wire in the beginning (the gate doesn't extend all along the bridge, it is only around for about 10 feet at the beginning of the bridge). It is photographed as the third photo in this PDF:

http://www.slc.ca.gov/Division_Pages/MR ... yAudit.pdf

and the front of the bridge (and Mussel Shoals) can be seen in this photo from a helicopter:

http://www.californiacoastline.org/cgi- ... &year=2002

There are 4 "islands" in this map, each that do indeed have the base occupy the "island", a long bridge with short sidebars, and gating in the front of the bridge (very tall, along with 3 small "pipes" to imitate barbed wire), and a teleporter as the front gate (you have to get in somehow, this isn't real life :) ). May I add that due to the _deadUnder texture (to simulate the water), it is for 1.11.x. I suppose you can take out this feature, but it won't be the greatest map :) Enjoy!
rincon.bzw - Rincon Island based map
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