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Island Hopping Map & Screenshots

Posted: Fri Apr 01, 2005 2:58 am
by LouMan
Attached is my "Island Hopping" map with a couple screenshots. It is being served at right now, but please feel free to host on a different server if you have a decent connection. :) Also feel free to extract meshes from map if required...

Posted: Fri Apr 01, 2005 3:17 am
by spldart
:!: :shock: :o :D :)

Posted: Fri Apr 01, 2005 4:05 am
by RPG
:!: Your on a map-a-thon :!:

Posted: Fri Apr 01, 2005 4:18 am
by spldart
Grr.. to many advantages to laser :(

Island Hopping Map REV 1

Posted: Sat Apr 02, 2005 3:45 am
by LouMan
Attached is a slightly revised Island Hopping map. I have reduced the number of lasers to 2 and I have reduced the max shots of the laser to 10. I have also reduced the GM max shots to 15.

Other changes: 'lowered' water level and the sailboats' level so that the sailboats don't appear to be floating in the air (with mirror option turned on). Also made GroundMaterial with texture of water so that grass can't be seen at long range with mirror option turned off.

Posted: Sat Apr 02, 2005 6:55 am
by Dervish
Awesome map, LouMan, as always. :) Gotta love playing BZFlag in such a peaceful map. Almost makes you want to stop, smell the roses, and get fragged in the process.

Posted: Sun Apr 03, 2005 9:23 am
by Lan
LouMan: how did you make this map? it is really impressive, and seems like it took years to do by hand coding everything.

Island Hopping map Revision 2

Posted: Sun Apr 03, 2005 6:43 pm
by LouMan
Attached is revision 2 of the Island Hopping map.

The revisions include:

1) made poles and ropes on lighthouse drivethrough
2) added lights to masts of ships (look best at night)
3) no superflag spawn/drop on jump arrows
4) all teams have ability the 'superjump' over center island to other corner
5) rogue spawn zone on center island
6) moved several obstructive trees
7) provided tree to climb to upper level of lighthouse (takes time)

BTW - I primarily use LightWave 3D modeler to create the maps and, of course, a text editor to make the bzw file.

Island Hopping Rev 3

Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2005 9:30 pm
by LouMan
Attached is Revision 3 of Island Hopping map. Updates:

1) inclined arrows to prevent team flag drops on them
2) rotation light beam from lighthouse (see screenshot)

(thanks trepan!)



Rev 4

Posted: Fri Apr 08, 2005 2:59 am
by LouMan
Island Hopping Rev 4 is attached for hosting purposes (thanks Thumper :) )

Changes include:

1) larger islands
2) more consistent jump pads
3) fixed errant vertice on island mesh

What types of matches does this map support?

Posted: Thu Apr 14, 2005 4:39 am
by supernova_hq
Does this map support all the different types of matches including:
- Free For All
- Capture The Flag
- Rabbit Chase
- Random Selection
- Score-Based Selection
- Killer Selection

Any information would be greatly appreciated

Posted: Thu Apr 14, 2005 9:15 pm
by Dervish

It looks great and I really enjoy your map. Someone (you?) hosted in on a server recently complete with CTF game play, but set the shot count way too high.

Because of the setup, the islands are essentially objects and tanks are sitting on top of them. On radar, this makes it quite difficult to see shots. I hate to switch my GUI settings for BZFlag just for one map. It's more manageable when the shot count is 1 to 3. Tracking 6 or more shots against an already colored background gets annoying.

Once again, thanks for sharing your map. It's quite a unique and enjoyable experience to battle on it. :)

Posted: Fri Apr 15, 2005 12:58 am
by LouMan
In response to Dervish - thanks! I haven't had the trouble you have had with the shots, perhaps I don't spend enough time looking at the radar :wink: Besides, if you are on the same level as the shots, I believe they appear pretty much the same as being on ground level (with the mesh superimposed below though, I can see your point).

In response to supernova_hq - the maps can be altered for any mode of play by changing the options around (e.g. remove -c for free-for-all) and removing the bases (fairly well commented in the bzw file). Thumper at is hosting several different versions of the map right now, including what seems to be a very popular rabbit chase version.

Island Hopping Map Revision 6.1

Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2005 7:21 pm
by LouMan
Attached is the latest revision Island Hopping map (R6.1). I discovered that a few of the polygons in the original map were not defined correctly and were not being displayed in the newer versions of BZFLag. This has been corrected in the new version, as well as cleaner texture mapping/smoothing for all of the objects in the map.

** updated - forgot some inside coords to prevent flag spawns in hills :( Anyway, should be fixed now.

** updated again - forgot drivethrough, shootthrough lighthouse ropes & poles and forgot the flashing lights on the masts of the sailboats. I must be getting old and forgetful or something :wink:

Posted: Thu Jun 23, 2005 2:32 pm
by Lirael_Goldenhand
Whoa. This is amazing, great work! I love the lighthouses... :D

Posted: Thu Jun 23, 2005 6:15 pm
by TD-Linux
I remember that once, somebody somehow got on top of the pinnacle of the lighthouse. I have no idea how. I think this was the original map or the first revision, I couldn't tell.

Posted: Thu Jun 23, 2005 7:20 pm
by RPG
TD-Linux wrote:I remember that once, somebody somehow got on top of the pinnacle of the lighthouse. I have no idea how. I think this was the original map or the first revision, I couldn't tell.
Probably with a pair of wings.

Posted: Thu Jul 14, 2005 4:49 pm
by AlliedArmour
This is a great map. Do you mind if I use the island objects in one of my maps that I am making?

Posted: Thu Jul 14, 2005 10:24 pm
by LouMan
Feel free - I just ask for credit when credit is due :wink:

Posted: Thu Jul 14, 2005 10:29 pm
by AlliedArmour
Thanx. I will put in your credits. :) . So the same rule will go for your Bridges light?

Island Hopping Revision 7

Posted: Sat Jul 30, 2005 2:35 am
by LouMan
Attached is Island Hopping Revision 7.


1) Cleaned up lighthouse - reduced polygon count by about 500 and added inside points to help prevent driving inside lighthouse. The reduced polygon count should also improve video framerate. I also re-textured the lighthouse and used slightly different coloring.

2) Cleaned up a few arrow guides that were sticking out over edge of island.

Re: Island Hopping Map & Screenshots

Posted: Tue May 29, 2018 2:24 pm
by coffee_cup
Beautiful map, Louman. I've been playing it for a few years and always wanted to ask - what was the inspiration for the lighthouse and island?