Sand Blaster V2

User made maps to use on servers.
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Well I know how to do time travel; Go back in time or go into the future! :)
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[quote=Dutchrai]in the end it's just a story and a theme, what really matters is the gameplay around it[/quote]

Well I've been playing a bit on sand blaster and I like it.

flag distribution is good, lots of TH and ST prevent powerful flags (GM,SW,L) from owning the field. SB is very powerful on the map (because there are lots of sb camp places) but it has a small shot limit.

The buildings are very fun to climb. There are a couple of tall towers (minnerettes?) that you can get on.

There are some useful pyramid ricos, but not as many as rat lab I think.

I am still trying to find a place that you can shoot GM into the camping well in the center. I think it might be possible to get the missle to turn into there.

I think it is a great FFA map. Good gameplay and lots of map tricks to discover. Thanks dutchrai.
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