_teleportTime and what it's supposed to do

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_teleportTime and what it's supposed to do

Post by An SQUERRILz » Mon Mar 24, 2008 6:44 am

I've tried using _teleportTime and it has ABSOLUTELY NO EFFECT on teleporters. I was told it's supposed to create a delay when a bullet goes in. However, nothing of that kind happens.

Also, can anyone think of an idea that would create that delay effect? Either that or an effect with teleporters [and walls, maybe] that causes a bullet to fly straight back EXACTLY at the tank who shot through the teleporter, assuming they don't move.

I've had huge problems with linking up teleporters and keeping them from obeying the rules, e.g. they link up to 2 places at once without you saying so, or they go to the wrong place. If it was possible to fix these problems without changing anything major, the delay effect can be made.

So, anyone know how to fix any one of these three problems? Btw, for the last one, I think it happens when you link t0:f to t1:f, but NOT t0:b to t0:b. That's the main problem.
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Post by blast » Mon Mar 24, 2008 3:36 pm

I see nothing in the code that would cause _teleportTime to affect bullets, or even the tank itself. It appears to be used to verify that the 'teleporting' state is properly cleared once that time is reached.
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