1 v 1 rules

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1 v 1 rules

Post by darkid »

I have seen, ocassionally, servers where something will pop up and say: 1v1 rules are now in effect.
I can't search the web (or this forum) for that, on the grounds of that the characters are too common, and i get <null> or everything.

so some keywords for other searchers:
1 on 1 rules
1on1 rules
1 v 1 rules
1v1 rules
1 versus 1 rules are no longer in effect
one on one rules are now in effect

Oh yeah, my point... right. How would one add such rules to a map?
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Re: 1 v 1 rules

Post by khazhyk »

1vs1 rules are that after you make a kill, you drop your flag.
(so you don't get 30 kills in a row with gm or laser)

There is a plugin for it somewhere on the forum
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Re: 1 v 1 rules

Post by temporal distraction »

The plugin is called "oneOnOneRules". I have it loaded on one of mofo's alternate servers: bzflag.planet-mofo.com:4242 if you want to give it a try
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