First Look: "Guernica" by A Distraction

Previews and comments on future maps.
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First Look: "Guernica" by A Distraction

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I'm not going to talk too much about it, as I want to wait for the release. Here's just a mouth watering screenshot of the map. There will be four of everything you see, so in the end I will have a radially symmetrical CTF map. What I can tell you is that this map will not be nearly as deadly as my others. The problem with getting caught on corners of the meshes still exists, so if anybody knows anything about this specific problem I would appreciate help.

Edit: I've decided not to post the map file publicly. There is a sample mesh at the thread the link points to.

Edit: Problems are all fixed. I hope to release the map soon, but I am awaiting the approval of one texture image. Attached is an updated screenshot.
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Post by allejo »

it's awesome and i'm sure someone will host it i would but i don't have a server.
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Woahh, that's pretty awesome.
I think there should be a world weapon in the middle building every now and then, just to make it harder to Capture the flag (if you want it to be that kind of map)
Narrow, Laser and Wings would be good suggestions for flags.
Awesome work,keep it up
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Post by io »

i think, norang can host it... thought i will wait for the final version ...

If you need a host contact me
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I would say this flags are a bs (bad shot)!

No Flags, 3 Shots please

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