Pinball: bounces around a lot, you still can't tilt it.

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optic delusion
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Pinball: bounces around a lot, you still can't tilt it.

Post by optic delusion » Sat May 10, 2008 5:04 am

I was searching my old files and found this, and noticed the last time I worked on it was over a year ago. I was working on this map when Tedius decoded drawinfo from the obj format, and I started working with drawinfo, cmopletely forgot about this map. I am hoping that someone wants to pick it up, and continue my work.
It's a good concept, Pinball. It was inspired by another map, (called pinball, of course). That map is an excellent rabbit hunt map, and probably stands as the greatest rabbit hunt map of all time. There are various holes for the rabbit to hide in. The geometry is very well thought out. Excellent teleporters. It has the very rare "tetra" map object!!!
Here is some history of the original pinball map.
The only other contender for best rabbit map is the tuxee map, currently hosted at:

What happened with the original map was that somebody started it, and then somebody else finished it. I hope that the same thing can happen with my half-baked ....
I have the shell of the table worked out, with some decent bumpers and unique plunger-launcher using physics and texture matrices. It's two-team CTF. There is a spawn problem around the bases, they are too compact. It should have only one plunger, to properrly simulate a pinball game. The bases will definitely need re-done, possibly with a technique I've discovered where two or more bases may be placed right next to each other. It should have only one plunger, not two, to simulate a pinball game.
I was getting serious about learning UV-texture-mapping at the time. The bumper was the first time I made a complex mesh and (semi)successfully applied uv. The metallic materials could be improved with specular. Lets just say that the materials are all screwed up. Spazzy McGee and BlasterWisconsin have helped me on this map.

I re-activated some old server files, and this map will run for a week or two at this location. Check it out.
If someone wants to pick up where i left off, and do some real improvemennts on the map, I will guarantee it gets hosted on a fast server, and I can provide any plugin you might want to add for a game style. I will provide _some_ assistance, but not that much.

Here is the bzw. I did not clean it up. I give my materials descriptive names. If your looking for something in there, it might be best to look at the matrefs. If you are serious, i can provide files in wings format.
(251.55 KiB) Downloaded 262 times
Take a look at my Defender game mode concept.

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Post by Simba » Sun May 11, 2008 11:44 am

Oh, good ol' Pinball ;)

I was hoping to see someone take some action and continue the work on one of my favorite maps.

Thanks to whoever is going to continue the work.


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Post by allejo » Tue Jul 08, 2008 9:43 pm

i might be able to work on it.
Optic Delusion has anyone offered to work on it?
Here's my personal website and my open source projects are available on GitHub; I work on a lot of cool things.


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