Battle of Britain (Preview of V1)

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Battle of Britain (Preview of V1)

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After working on this map a long time ago, and forgetting a long about this map, I've decided that its finally ready to be announced as a "Work in Progress". This map involves one team starting up on a high platform where there will be wing flags spawned and having to go down to the middle fortress where the other team's base is and take it to the green team's second base on the ground. The red team can do the same thing, except that they only have one base. The green flag will only spawn on the upper platform. Anyway, you can probably see from screenshots or the map itself better than from my explanations..
Here are the things that I plan to add to it:
1. See if my zones work
2. Add some more buildings outside of the fortress on the ground
3. Transform the walls surrounding the fortress from normal walls into buildings in which you can walk and shoot out of. I have already started to do this on some walls and am thinking of doing it for the rest of them.
4. Texture it (might not come for a while though)

Any suggestions and comments are welcome.

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Battle of Britain
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