Xprog.ch beta map3 - fight for the middle

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Xprog.ch beta map3 - fight for the middle

Post by Amaterasu »

Well, hello again

Here's my third map (yes, already).
It's a two team ctf map.
There's a little room in the middle with laser flags.
You can reach this room only via the teleporters at the corners of the map.
You can't shoot in but can't shoot out too.
There are only WG, V, PZ and OO flags besides the Laser.
GPL licensed...

Here are some screens, please right klick and choose view image to see the whole, the forum cuts them off:
Whole map:
The middle with the Laser flags:
And here a view to the base (under the pyramid to the right):

Hope you like it.
I made this one small because all my other maps are too big for so few people.
Server is:
port 5188

Greetings Amaterasu
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