Collaborator of Remembrance

Previews and comments on future maps.
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Collaborator of Remembrance

Post by Tanx » Sat Aug 11, 2012 10:59 pm

This is a collaborator, like the collaborator of old it only involves 4 mappers.
The mappers who were at first invited were a group slightly larger.
The idea was first brought upon June 10, and it went from there.
The initial candidates were ahs3, allejo,, and mdskpr (and myself of course).
but was taking too long to respond so I moved to find another, he would respond but by that time the three other spots were filled. mdskpr was too busy to do it, so sig2 was contacted, around 2 weeks ago he also dropped out. I scrambled to find a replacement who could make it in 2 weeks. The mapper I found was the purple panzer, who thankfully delivered. The mappers I contacted in hope beforehand were ducatiwannabe (but he had a lack of time), (but he also lacked the time), and jefenry (who took too long to respond, and with 2 weeks left, time was of the essense). The release date was set to be on 8/11/12. This was on purpose, as you might know there is another event set at this day. Which is rikers. Also I had jefenry on backup after sig2 dropped out, which was key, since ahs3 was unable to finish due to time (which I found out yesterday). it would've been close timewise.
The map itself is around 69950 lines long.

the map is a ffa, 4 shot, superflag map, with jumping and ricochet. There are no bad flags at all.

Q1: allejo, Q2: jefenry, Q3: Tanx, Q4: The Purple Panzer.

Images that were used came from yalliere, Louman, zaphod, and a material I found in vipers two castles, I could find no better material to do the job on one of my objects. Also thanks to temp for permission to use the billboard from two tanks. This was kept secretive, no one really knew about this. A reason that I myself have been pretty nervous about this, since it was my idea, especially if it was not up to people's expectations of such a map, but I guess I'm about to find out. I honestly don't know if this is up to expections, specifically my quadrant.
Also an image for murielle was pursued, but temp and jh^ decided not to.

But this is not about who was involved, nor is it dedicated to anyone, This map is dedicated to the awareness of two diseases that claimed to people far too young, and its dedicated to the memory of all of the players that we've lost. I came up with the idea for this dedication before chesval was announced, so its in no way a second one, they were done independantly of each other. They had no idea of what we were doing, and we had decided on it before they did.

Remember those we've lost.

Murielle, Alice D, and Surftank.

and enjoy the company of those that are still here, despite what differences you may have.
Be respectful of the memories of these tankers, please refrain from negativity on this map.
Its meant to be a positive map, we put a lot of work in this map. Which for me at least, has been quite stressful, for obvious reasons. I put everything I had into this, as did all of us. because its not any normal map, this map is special. But if you remember anything about this map, don't remember us, remember them. Thats the point of the map. not those who made it.

I'd post a screenshot of an overview, but no amount of screenshots could capture the essense of the map. just showing who did what basically. Thoughts are welcome.

at the moment its up at
(601.58 KiB) Not downloaded yet
(597.24 KiB) Not downloaded yet
(612.2 KiB) Not downloaded yet
Purple Panzer
(897.99 KiB) Not downloaded yet
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Re: Collaborator of Remembrance

Post by Zverina » Mon Aug 13, 2012 2:55 pm

If a "Mapper" is someone that makes Maps, so am I then. :)

Anyway, pretty amazing!
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