Training maps

Previews and comments on future maps.
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Training maps

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I was toying with the world weapon object and made some maps that deploy it for single player practice. I will post these maps in one thread since they share the same theme. The first one is for corner rico dodging practice. Invisible enemies keep shooting ricochet sprays in 2s or 3s randomly within a range of angles/positions and 1 second between two sprays. Start the client with -solo 1 for a dummy target to keep company(and share the deaths). Join as rogue to spawn in the designated area.

added another map which should be run with a command like this:
# bzfs -loadplugin Phoenix -loadplugin wwzones -j +r -ms 3 -world /path/to/bzmap-ww.bzw
no screenshot since the map is empty until a tank spawns and moves. While moving, shots are directed at your tank from different positions and not exactly at random.

License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0

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Re: Training maps

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Hint: to make dodging more interesting have WW not fire at same time.
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