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Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2020 9:27 am
by Agatha

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/%%%%%%%%%%% /%%%  /%%%  /%%%%%%%%%      /%%%     /%%%    /%%%%%    /%%%%%%%%%%%  /%%%%%%%%%
\/_/_/%%%/_/ \/%%% \/%%% \/%%%/_/_/      \/%%%    \/%%%  /%%%/_/%%% \/_/_/%%%/_/  \/%%%/_/_/%%%
     \/%%%    \/%%% \/%%% \/%%%           \/%%%    \/%%% /%%%  \//%%%    \/%%%     \/%%%   \/%%%
      \/%%%    \/%%%%%%%%% \/%%%%%%%       \/%%%    /%%% /%%%    \//%%%   \/%%%     \/%%%   \/%%%
       \/%%%    \/%%%/_/%%% \/%%%/_/        \//%%%  /%%% \//%%%    /%%%    \/%%%     \/%%%   \/%%%
        \/%%%    \/%%% \/%%% \/%%%            \//%%%/%%%   \//%%%  /%%%     \/%%%     \/%%%   \/%%%
         \/%%%    \/%%% \/%%% \/%%%%%%%%% by    \/_/%%%      \/_/%%%%%/   /%%%%%%%%%%% \/%%%%%%%%%/
          \/_/     \/_/  \/_/  \/_/_/_/_/  Agatha  \/_/         \/_/_/    \/_/_/_/_/_/  \/_/_/_/_/

Here's my initial prototype of a very unpleasant map called "THE VOID". Everything's extremely simple: three platforms, with bases bottom and with a rail connecting the tops, and a small block, center. Because there's only one shot, you should actually aim (imagine that!).

You can only jump high enough for a single platform, and higher platforms are actually larger than lower platforms. However, jumping up or falling down is (barely) possible with rotate(+jumping). And you fall off, you die.

The textures aren't hosted yet. Once that's sorted, I'll release my prototype. There're also glitches with texture mapping, and I might make geometric tweaks too. But it's basically done.



Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2020 2:38 pm
by alfa1
Seems good!

A comment on your signature:
"Stagnation is playing the same map for literal decades. Take down Apoc/Urban/Hix/Duc!"
What do you think on sports like soccer, rugby or basketball, since they have the same "map" or field forever
and seem to be still fun? I see these BZ maps as classic; they are as good as to make people play them forever. Which, of course, doesn't mean new maps can't come and be fun and good also. Some will be more classic than others, I guess. Also, some are more punctual than others, in the sense of style. In example, Channel Crossing is very well designed and complex but static; Ducati-like ones (like I run myself), instead, since are randomly generated, have more attraction regarding of innovation, though are very simple.


Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2020 8:41 pm
by Agatha
Not really the place . . . but @alfa1: playing physical sports is very different because you get exercise—and attendant enjoyment, physiologically. Indeed, when you do not have that (like, you only watch), then it gets dull very fast. But it's not solely about "enjoyment" either; it's about growing as a player and discovering new things you can enjoy. If you want to know why I think we should play more than just three, four, ish maps, you should read my strategy guide, which was also linked.

About my map . . . I hosted my texture-less prototype yesterday for a few hours. We found several things that need fixing, and apart from a bad crash near the end (wherein I couldn't reconnect to my own server, but everyone else could), was surprisingly entertaining.


Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2020 9:19 pm
by alfa1
To help me understand electronic things I compare them to physical things. Also, you don't only exercise your body but your brain too (which you do with BZ). And watching sports/games is also fun!

My comments on your thread are there.

BTW, this map seems not to have a lot of strategy! :P