Plumber's CTF

Previews and comments on future maps.
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Plumber's CTF

Post by elem3nt »

Here is a map that I have been working on lately. There are four teams, and four general paths to follow while capturing the flag. Suggestions/comments would be welcome.

Any suggestions on what I might put on the ground to make things more interesting?

It's my first map, so there's no 2.0.0 yet.

Feel free to host it; I might make some more changes before the final release. Just give me credit where credit is due.

@ducatiwannabe: I based the map on a map found in your "Uber Map Pack." It's under "MapPack (UBER MAP PACK!!!)\maps under construction\", and is called "" Do you know who I could give credit to?
base view.jpg
A view of the base structure
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entire screen.jpg
Aerial View
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A view from bzedit
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Plumber's CTF.bzw
The .bzw file
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Post by ducatiwannabe »

Ya I was working on that one, but feel free to go ahead and use it. I made a different farewell map or two anyway. That was unfinished and it didn't suit my likings, so I'm glad you can use it!
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Post by BIYA »

DW, since you got al these objects on your maps like the Cow on that mutant cow map. Im sure ive seen other things near the amusement park things?

Anyway you should disect your maps and map Groups for those Certain objects and put them on here :).
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