Premade map objects and sections that can be used in user maps.
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I made two ghosts for ahs3 on a request (for a halloween map, i think). He suggested that I put them here in case anyone else... ever needed ghosts. Anyway, They are two separate files seeing as they are two different ghosts. One is a Pac-Man-like ghost, while the other is just... a cartoonish ghost.
Harder Ghost scrn1.png
Harder Ghost screenshot
(367.51 KiB) Downloaded 311 times
Simple Ghost scrn1.png
Simpler Ghost screenshot
(374.53 KiB) Downloaded 312 times
Harder Ghost.bzw
map file for harder ghost
(509.07 KiB) Downloaded 316 times
Simple Ghost.bzw
map file for simpler ghost
(428.55 KiB) Downloaded 319 times
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Wow that looks great! Awesome job.
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Very cool, gj
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