Flag Abbreviations, Spinning

Premade map objects and sections that can be used in user maps.
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Flag Abbreviations, Spinning

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Abbreviations to fly above zoned flags, indicating which flag is underneath.
All the good flags, most plugin flags, no bad flags.
They Spin! Fully Drawinfo. Meaning no collisions. If we had billboarding I'd use it.
Each abbreviation built with it's center at point 0 0. Move them around with the provided zones.
Easy to make larger or smaller by adjusting scale in the group.Ten units tall at scale 1 1 1.
A minimal amount of texture mapping applied. Hard to find the perfect texture to use on them.
Wings3D file available on request.
License - Creative Commons 1.0 Universal


Creative Commons 1.0 Universal
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Re: Flag Abbreviations, Spinning

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A/some GIF/s would be good :) .
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