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BZFlag Plugin Template

Post by SkillDude » Sat Jun 09, 2012 5:24 pm

This is a basic outline template for developing BZFlag plugins. I often find it tedious to type the same starting things over and over, so here are the basics, a little more than what the SAMPLE_PLUGIN provides, and a few comments that have some starter code for various things. I found it annoying to have to always start from SAMPLE_PLUGIN and fill in missing things, or start from more complete plugins and erase unnecessary pieces. This is the perfect medium, hope other plugin developers find it useful.

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// Template.cpp : A generic plugin template to get you going.

#include "bzfsAPI.h"
//#include "plugin_utils.h"  //Provides some additional useful functionality.

class Template : public bz_Plugin, bz_CustomSlashCommandHandler
	virtual const char* Name(){return "Plugin Template";}

	virtual void Init ( const char* /*config*/ );
	virtual void Event(bz_EventData *eventData );

	virtual void Cleanup ( void );

	virtual bool SlashCommand ( int playerID, bz_ApiString command, bz_ApiString message, bz_APIStringList* params );


void Template::Init (const char*config) {
	//bz_registerCustomSlashCommand ( "", this );

void Template::Cleanup (void) {
	//bz_removeCustomSlashCommand ( "" );

bool Template::SlashCommand ( int playerID, bz_ApiString command, bz_ApiString message, bz_APIStringList* params ) {
	return true;

void Template::Event(bz_EventData *eventData ){
	switch (eventData->eventType) {
	 /*case bz_ePlayerJoinEvent: {
		int playerID=((bz_PlayerJoinPartEventData_V1*)eventData)->playerID;

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