An Opinionated Plug-in Tutorial Series

Questions, comments, and news on the server side plug-ins and it's API
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An Opinionated Plug-in Tutorial Series

Post by allejo » Sat Jul 01, 2017 7:10 am

I've started writing opinionated weekly tutorials on plug-in writing and here's what I've written so far:
Who are these tutorials written for?

People with a basic understanding of C++ who would like to learn how to write plug-ins. I'm not teaching C++ nor am I teaching you how to compile code.

Why am I writing them on my personal site instead of the forums, wiki, official website?

- Forums: It's hard to format things easily, while I can easily do that with markdown on my own site.
- Wiki: Not the place for it; don't want others modifying the content. Besides, the wiki's going away.
- Official site: Not ready yet, would require others' approval/support, and I don't feel this writing style should be on the official website

This is the only post I plan on making here regarding chapters, since I'll just be spamming the forums every week with more links. You can watch this page, which will always have a list of all the chapters written, including new ones.

I'll do my best to keep this as a weekly thing until I or everyone else loses interest. General feedback is welcome and appreciated on here! If you have specific questions or specific feedback regarding something in a chapter, make them on the comments section of the chapter please; again, I don't want to spam the forums.
Here's my personal website and my open source projects are available on GitHub; I work on a lot of cool things.


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