I'll get you yet Mr. Rabbit!

Questions, comments, and news on the server side plug-ins and it's API
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mr manalishi
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I'll get you yet Mr. Rabbit!

Post by mr manalishi »

new idea=plugin for Hunt da Wabbit. the Bunny would hold a flag w/ it's own varibles, like rabbit flag=2.9 gravity, 2 jumping velocity for example. although I can't see this happening in the near future but it would make a milion new hunt the rabbit twists...
/set _rabbitGravity -10000
/set _rabbitJumpVelocity 9000
:twisted: :twisted:
/set _rabbitReloasTime 90000
:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
MUAHAHAHAHA*coughhackwheeze*HAHAHA. :P
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Post by Theme97 »

Hmm... This would be more like an enhancement. A plug-in can't do this unless the variables are put in the game, which means, again, an enhancement.

I don't think _reloasTime exists, so therefore _rabbitReloasTime won't exist either. :D
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Post by Gnurdux »

That COULD be done with a server mod. Send the rabbit that the variables have changed when they haven't :P. It might not be easy but it COULD be done. but not with a plugin.
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