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Post by allejo » Sat Mar 09, 2019 3:36 am

So it looks like I never formally released my dodgeball plug-in on here. Originally conceived by Winny, this plug-in introduces the dodgeball game-mode. Each time a player is killed, they respawn in a "jail" and the only way to escape from jail is to kill an enemy tank while you're in jail. The team that wins the round is the one that manages to place the rest of the enemy team in jail.

The map that I recreated for this game-mode is also available on the GitHub repository with the appropriate license on there.

All development for this plug-in occurs on GitHub, so be sure to follow development and new releases there; I will very rarely update this post with updates on new releases. The link below will always point to the latest stable release.

Plug-in Download (BZFS 2.4.14+)
[ GitHub | README | Download | MIT ]
Here's my personal website and my open source projects are available on GitHub; I work on a lot of cool things.


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