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Post by L4m3r » Mon Aug 27, 2007 2:05 am

From the readme:

The rabbitTimer plug-in helps solve that pesky rabbit cowardice problem.
Rabbits don't get any points for hiding; they must kill hunters to
increase their score. Hiding also slows down the game and frustrates
the hunters, especially when flags like ST or WG are involved.

This plug-in is used to set a maximum time between kills for the rabbit.
In other words, the rabbit must kill a hunter every N seconds, or they
are destroyed. There is also an optional rollover mode, in which extra
time leftover from kills are added to the time allowance. Simply pass
the desired time limit (in seconds) to the plug-in as a parameter, like

-loadplugin /home/me/bzflag/plugins/rabbitTimer.so,30

To enable rollover mode, add a + to the beginning of the number:

-loadplugin /home/me/bzflag/plugins/rabbitTimer.so,+30

By default, the time limit is 30 seconds, and rollover mode is disabled.

You can get it from SVN. Enjoy. :)
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