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Author: flying_popcorn + some code from shockwavedeath
Description: This plugin gives you a random flag every time you get a kill
Min Version: idk...tested in 2.0.10 but i assume it will work in earlier versions
Files: Attached is the plugin folder

This plugin gives you a random flag every time you get a kill. So you can only get one kill with each flag. It makes it so you can only get 1 kill with overpowered flags and makes bad flags more interesting (in my opinion)

This plugin also assumes that you have several of each good and bad flag on the map (preferably in an inaccessible location on the map)

License: GPLv3

WARNING: This plugin will sometimes kick people. I am working on a fix and will post a new version soon :)
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Post by allejo »

well seems like a really good idea floppy. nice work.
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Re: randomflag

Post by Zehra »

Updated to 2.4


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