SteamRoller Race (Obstacle Course)

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optic delusion
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SteamRoller Race (Obstacle Course)

Post by optic delusion » Sat Aug 14, 2010 2:19 am

Many Thanks to Blast and Murielle for coding this plugin for me.

Here's something new that I hope makes obstacle course maps more exciting.
The basic concept.
1. All players spawn at the same point.
2. They race over obstacles to reach a steamroller flag, and somebody "wins".
3. _srRadiusMult is set to a ridiculously high value, so everybody who did not reach the flag is crushed.
4. The plugin now kills the winner too.
5. All players now spawn at a new point, and the process starts over.
6. Simple, huh?
Each map section of obstacles can be almost anything. All it needs is two zones: A spawnzone for tanks and a zoneflag zone for steamroller. Each section should be self-contained, as players should not be able to leave the current section.

Spawnzones include several nice features:
a. Spawn Azimuth- Tanks are facing in a certain direction when they spawn.
b. Variable Sets. Very Nice! Each section of obstacles can have it's own variables. They are automatically reset when that section is won.
c. NOKILL. The client knows what kind of shot it shot. However, we can tell everyone else that the shot was a phantom-zoned shot. The result is that you can shoot yourself, but no one else.
d. Spawnzone ID number. Tells the plugin what order to use the various zones on the map.

Watch for updates! This release is a little bit premature, because some mappers want to test the zones
There is a fairly severe problem, players who pause may be left behind on the last section. We are going to just kill anybody who pauses.
Will probably add a text display during the countdown.
SR Race Designed by Optic Delusion, written by Blast and Murielle
(634.54 KiB) Downloaded 173 times
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Re: SteamRoller Race (Obstacle Course)

Post by Zehra » Sun Jun 17, 2018 10:04 pm

Updated to 2.4

Link to plug-in: SteamrollerRace


(Minor fix needed on windows, if I have time I'll post on update on it. [Should run fine on Linux though.])
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