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Swear Suppressor

Post by L4m3r »

Over the years I've noticed that a lot of server ops who employ chat filtering are not satisfied to merely #@$% out the bad words. What is desired, rather, is the complete absence of any hint of obscenity.

Swear Suppressor is a simple plug-in that modifies the behavior of the server's built-in chat filter. Instead of censoring individual words, the plug-in will block offending messages entirely and notify the player. I feel that this may be a more appropriate mechanism for servers that don't want people to swear at all. It's also a little bit more forgiving to those who are prone to making impulsive outbursts, without compromising the "cleanliness" of the server.

This is not an end-all solution to the language problem, obviously. The filter can still be dodged. However, with a well-configured swearlist, I think this can help to provide more consistent enforcement, since cop-outs like "I didn't know" or "it slipped" aren't really applicable at that point.

Note that a recent svn build (r22390 or later) is needed for this plugin to work properly. BZFS must be configured with chat filtering and a swearlist. License is LGPL.
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Re: Swear Suppressor

Post by Tzeentch »

could also be amusing to have it when someones swears replace the word with another random one i.e. you can suck my banana-bread, that guy is an leafblower, ahh for paint disney! I'd probably end up laughing at the randomness

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