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"GunGame Style" plugin

Post by Trogdor BurNinat0R » Thu Jun 20, 2013 3:03 am

This emulates "GunGame" from CS and GoldenEye Source style of play. It's very simple, but I think it's fun - especially with different skill level players on the same server.

This plugin changes how flags work - players don't pick them up or drop them anymore. All players start out with Laser flag. On each successive kill achieved, their flag is "upgarded" with a less powerful one, eventually to bad flags. The first player to kill someone with the last flag wins. That's basically it. Suicide results in going back one flag.

In traditional GunGame the last "gun" is a knife. So here the last flag is Steamroller, but you have to smush your opponent to win.

As soon as a winner is declared, the game restarts. Some flags are only enabled once a certain # of players have joined. A leaderboard tracks how many wins each player has.

One issue I've discovered (trial and error) is that flags need to exist in the world for bz_givePlayerFlag() to work. So if you're setting this up you have to make sure you have enough of each flag in the map or when you start bzfs...

Optic Delusion has been awesomely hosting this plugin over at planet mofo for over a month and things are generally stable. I think it pairs well on their "passion of the FFA" map. It's online *usually*. Search for "mofo" in the servers list (use '/' to search) and if you see something about gungame, that's it. Once 3 or 4 people log in others seem to find it and join.

I believe this will work with any 2.4.x version, though I have only tested it with 2.4.2 and 2.4.3

The code and documentation lives here:

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