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Spawn at Base

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This plug-in introduces a custom map object that allows you define spawn zones for players to spawn at after a flag capture, initial spawn, or an explicit call to bz_setPlayerSpawnAtBase(); these spawn zones work exactly like a base with regards to respawning after a flag capture. This is especially useful for maps with custom bases and require custom spawn locations without forcing the players to always spawn there with a normal zone.

An example of this can be seen on AHOD ( where players will spawn at the fake hexagonal bases when they join or when they are killed after a successful capture. Please read the README for further documentation on how to use the plug-in.

All development for this plug-in occurs on GitHub, so please be sure to follow development and new releases there; I will not be updating this post with updates on new releases. The link below will always point to the latest stable release.

Please report any issues or ask questions here or on GitHub (if you're a developer).

Source: GitHub & README
Requires: BZFS 2.4.5+
License: MIT
Latest release: spawnAtBase.cpp
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