Useless Mine - (the maintained version)

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Useless Mine - (the maintained version)

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This plugin will allow you to create "mines" by typing /mine when you're carrying the Useless flag. When another player drives over your "mine," a large shockwave will explode at that location! Oh, and you get the points for any tanks the shockwave kills.

This is yet another implementation of the "Useless Mine" concept. While I had posted about this before in another thread, here's a dedicated thread to just my implementation of the concept.

How is this different from other versions? It's still actively developed meaning it receives new features and bug fixes. Awesome features like,
  • the "Bomb Defusal" flag, which allows you to defuse a mine by driving over it and causes the mine placer to die instead of you. Best part? You get the points!
  • you can create or modify your own death and defusal messages to taunt players all without having to recompile the plug-in
  • use commands like /minestats and /minecount to view stats about current mines
All development for this plug-in occurs on GitHub, so be sure to follow development and new releases there; I will very rarely update this post with updates on new releases. The link below will always point to the latest stable release.

Plug-in Download (BZFS 2.4.14+)
[ GitHub | README | Download | MIT ]
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