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Re: Plug-in Releases forum rules

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This forum is for the posting of and and comments on completed plug-ins.

If you are releasing a plug-in please follow these simple rules.

Please follow the following format for your post,

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Author: WHO MADE IT[
Description: What it does
Min Version: What version you need to run it ( if it's not the current one out there )
Files: Post the binarys/sources/data files people need.
1) don't post binarys for bzfs, or anything. If the end users need a new verison of bzfs, let us know and we'll squeep you out a new beta build or something.
2) don't post the libs windows people need to build, see #1, we post libs with the binarys.
3) make your zip/tar file names MEAN something. People are going to have more then one of these things, and they can't be named "". Put some effort and pride into what you have done.

In general it would be cool if all plugins could have at least 3 files. A windows binary, a linux binary, and a source zip/tarball. posting them as 3 files helps, because rarely will one person need all 3.

Also if you are still in the testing stages of your plug-in and want to "beta" it, then post in the dev forums. I'd like this place to just be a repository for finished plug-ins.

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