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Plug-ins F.A.Q.

Posted: Sat Aug 13, 2005 6:39 pm
by JeffM
Since we have some people doing plug-ins for the comunity I felt it was time to get a nice release forum going. And with it, a nice FAQ so that you all can know what all this stuff means.

Q) What is a plug-in?
A) Plug-ins are a way to modify the game server and make it do things difrently then the base game. They are somewhat like patches ( modifications to the source code to change behavor), but are generaly easyer to use buy end users. A plug-in is a file(s) ( ether a .so for linux, or a .dll for windows ) that you put on your server, and call from your config file. These files then hook into the game server and change the way it does things.

Q) How many plug-ins can I run?
A) As many as you want. But some plug-ins that do the same types of things ( like modify the spawn position ) may not work well together, as they fight over the same data.

Q) Do I have to "build" or "compile" plug-ins?
A) No you do not, plug-ins can be distributed as binary files. You will need to get a build for you OS ( windows or linux, or whatnot ), but all you need is the final file. This is one reason they are easyer to use.

Q) What version do I need?
A) Plug-ins are slated for 2.0.4 release, and are in the current Windows and Linux Beta versions ( 2.0.3b9 or later ) and CVS code. Mac support for plug-ins is coming and will be done before 2.0.4 is released, but the current beta's or CVS code will not load plug-ins in the Mac at this time.

Q) How do I load a plug-in?
A) There are 2 ways to load them. The simplest is to add -loadplugin /path/to/your/plugin to your command line or config file for each plugin you want. You can also load them at runtime using the /loadplugin command.

Q) What can plug-ins do?
A) They can do many things, but only on the BZFS side of the game. Please see the Plug-in development forum on these boards for more detailed info on what they can and can not do.

Q) Can a plug-in change the client?
A) No, plug-ins are server side only.

Re: Plug-ins F.A.Q.

Posted: Sun Nov 14, 2010 9:00 pm
by alezakos
There is also a great guide for making plugins at

Re: Plug-ins F.A.Q.

Posted: Mon Nov 15, 2010 4:13 pm
by mrapple