IRC/Bzflag Relay Plugin v 0.85

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I too have bzfs crash. Here is my config file:

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# config file for BZRelay.
# 1. ip of the irc server
# 2. nick of the bot
# 3. channel for the bot to join
# do not add newlines, etc. MUST put in same place as the dll
And this is the STDOUT when bzfs starts:

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using group file "groupfiles/5154"
require UDP clients!
set variable: _wingsJumpCount = 2
set variable: _burrowAngularAd = 1.25
using group file "groupfiles/5154"
using time limit of 3374 seconds
2006-10-06 00:17:55.198125: Connecting to irc server
After that, it hangs for a bit then quits with no other useful explanation. Any ideas?

Oh, on another note, I have a compiled freebsd (the OS we are using) version of this if anyone is interested.
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Post by wegstar »

I guess, according to the log that the plugin has failed to connect to the IRC server... Another cause may be the extremely flawed config system. It's been a very long time since I ever touched this plugin, and last time I worked on it was to create a new config file system... that didn't turn out well. My VC Beta expired and I was too lazy to get the new free VC, and so I was unable to test out the plugin. brad helpfully compiled it on linux and it segfaulted from my screwing config code. Then I spent a long time trying to make a bzfs.a so that I can compile plugins with MinGW. Jeffm helpfully showed to me how useless the task is... and so I gave up. To make a long story short... I'm not working on it, and I dunno when I might.. As for your problem, silverfox, try getting a new config file and typing your data in, remember no whitespaces after your info too! IIRC, I do not strip the strings from the config... I hope this helps ;)
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Post by sussi »

use XMPP
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