Shell Shock Make a Map Contest - Relaxed Submission Rules

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Shell Shock Make a Map Contest - Relaxed Submission Rules

Post by Dutchrai » Thu Jun 12, 2003 1:55 am

Starting from today, I have relaxed the submission rules for the contest a little bit 8)

The major change is that if you have been running a map on not more than one public server, you can still qualify that map by taking it off the server as soon as you can (subject to my approval, and you have to send me an email stating the details).
Also, you may now send an update on a previous map of yours, provided the change is reasonable (also subject to my approval).

All this means that your map does not necesarily have to be brand-new anymore (although this is still encouraged and might get you that extra point you need to win).

These changes should help the people who wrote and ran a great map just before the contest started.

In any case, here is the full list of rules (additions are in bold):

- Your map must be in by the 31st of August 2003.
- Your map can be a Free-For-All or Capture-The-Flag map.
<b>- Your map may be an update of an older map of yours, provided the update is reasonable (subject to my approval). </b>
- You may submit up to 3 maps.
- You may at any time test your map on non-public BZFlag servers (LAN only). <b>IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have been running your map on not more than one public server you could still qualify by taking it off the air, but this is subject to my approval (send me an email at stating all the details). </b>
- If your map is found running on public BZFlag servers (Internet) or if it is downloadable from any website it will be disqualified.
- After the contest, on the 1st of September 2003, you may freely make your map public on any BZFlag server or website.
- The webmaster (Dutchrai) and any jury members are exempted from submission.

For a complete overview on the contest rules and everything else, go to ... p-0308.htm
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