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BZFlag Forum Rules

Posted: Wed Jul 23, 2003 1:10 am
by JeffM
1. Don't bump old threads. Basically, if it's off or at the bottom of the front page, or hasn't been posted to in a while (couple weeks) we're already done with it. Make a new topic if you have something to say about the subject. Topics are cheap. Just be ready to explain why you feel the old topic needs more discussion, and not that you just think it's "cool"

2. Flaming, aggravating, picking on, or ranting on anyone is NOT acceptable behavior under any circumstances. If someone is being aggressive to you, simply notify an admin, do not "get into it" with them, it only makes you as bad as they are. We will gladly take care of it. This includes accusations of cheating. This isn't the place to point fingers, talk to your server owner.

3. Derogatory or preferential comments regarding race, religion, creed, gender, spelling, opinion, or sexual preference will not be tolerated. If you can't deal with someone, that's your problem not theirs. Be nice, don't bash people just because you don't agree with them. This is a family friendly board, Profanity,Vulgarity, or content of a sexual nature is strictly prohibited and will be removed. Also this isn't a place to preach to the masses, there are better places for that, so keep your non game related opinions to yourselves.

4. Only post a topic in one forum. We don't care how "important" you think it is. Cross forum posts will be deleted. If your topic touches on multiple points, then ether break it up into multiple topics (back to that "topics are cheap" thing), or put it in the one forum that is most appropriate.

5. Do not post inappropriate images. If you aren't sure if an image is inappropriate, ask me before you post it. If you have to warn users that they may not like an image, it is inappropriate.

6. If an image is exceptionally large then post a link, or note the image size in the topic.

7. Abuse of board file attachments will not be tolerated. Keep them sensible. Zip multiple related files together.

8. If you are linking to something, state clearly what the link is. If there is any form of surprise, it will not be tolerated. (example. those stupid board war draft links, surprise/scare tactic links, anything on geocities, etc.). Please try to make sure your links work, that's what the preview button is for. Links to items with profanity or inappropriate content will be removed. There are kids that read this board.(No rickrolling!) . This also goes for signatures, keep adds and links out of them.

9. Once you've stated your opinion, if someone disagrees and states their own opinion, don't try to explain your stance further. You aren't going to change anyone's mind, it's just an opinion. Just let it go. Or take it up with them in a Private Message, but be civil about it. The rest of us don't need to see you two hash it out. Logical discussions on factual subjects are very much encouraged.

10. If your post is just to say "me too", "kewl", "heheh", "thanks", or anything else like that, don't post it. Short one line or one word posts rarely add anything to the thread. Please try to keep posts topical. (AKA this is not IRC) We reserve the right to remove without notice any post that does not add to the discussion of a thread in a positive way. You do not need to post a reply to every single new topic you see. Think before you post. Ask yourself, "will your post add anything?". If you just want to say "thanks" or that you like something that someone has done, use a PM. We all don't need to see it.

11. You must provide a valid e-mail address to register an account.
Any accounts with e-mail addresses that bounce will be deleted. Users Under the age of 13 must also have a COPPA Letter of Verified Consent on file, or they may not post on the board.

12. Account names that are derogatory, accusatory, inflammatory, or most other 'ory's or are designed to just piss someone off, will be deleted. Account names that are made up of multiple names just because you can't decide, are considered lame and will be removed or changed. Please don't put your Team name or initials in your board name ether, teams change, put it in your signature. Generally if your name is over 2 words long, it's a bit too long.

13. This forum is not for the discussion, development, or support of cheats. Cheats ruin the game. Even if you say "I only use on my server" we know you don't. Posts, topics, and comments, on cheating will be removed. Accounts for known cheaters will be disabled and removed. If you truly wish to make a branch with different gameplay, that is fine, just make it incompatible with a release version. Discussions on these true branches are more than welcome. This rule includes discussion of exploits involving bugs or features in the game as well. If you wish to discuss ways to help fight cheats, please come onto IRC and talk to the developers.

14. Please put topics in their appropriate forum. If you are not sure ask one of us. The "General Discussion" forum is not a dumping ground for topics. If you make a mistake and put something in the wrong forum, just let us know and we can move it.

15. If you have a question on ANYTHING board related please just ask. Post in the board questions section, or just send us a PM, or an e-mail .

16. The admins of this board are benevolent dictators. We try to be accommodating, but what we say goes. Arguing in public forums on board policy is inadvisable, and will be removed. If you would like to contest an administrative decision, do so with private messages, not public ones.

17a. We generally have a good to moderate sense of humor around here, but don't push it, keep things on topic, and don't go bashing other players, it's not what we are here for. If we lock or delete a thread we don't have anything against you personally, just the thread has either gone on too long or has is so off topic/stupid that it does not belong here.

17b.There will be times where threads, posts, and accounts (and associated data, like PMs) will be deleted for some reason or another. This is to keep the content of the forums consistent with what we believe the forums are for. This means that something you wanted to read may gone. If so, sorry but it didn't belong here. It is important to understand that you don't own this forum, it's owners do, and they are nice enough to let you use it. It is very similar to how server owners can run their servers however they want. If you want to keep "important information" then please archive it elsewhere, or start your own site. Blogs are cheap.

18. Don't post a question to an administrator in a public forum, like to reset your password, or some other problem. Send us a PM, e-mail, IM, or something. The rest of the world doesn't need to know that your little brother can't log in. Don't question an admin's ability to admin, or try to convince them that they don't have the "right" to do what ever they did to you that you don't like. They do, thats why they are admins on this system. If you truly feel that an admin has wronged you, then please contact JeffM, or Learner vai PM or IRC and be prepared to discuss it in a civil manner. You should note that we admins do talk to each other so we are probably already aware of what the other's have done.

19. Communicate clearly. Check your posts over for spelling errors or typos. We understand that people do make them, but if your post is unreadable it is pointless. If you see a typo or misspelling, please correct the user in a private message and allow them to fix the post. Do not interrupt the conversation with it. "AOL" speak or other forms of shorthand are generally frowned upon. If you don't care enough to type out all the letters of a word, then why should we care enough to read it?

20. Sockpuppetry and meatpuppetry are explicitly prohibited. If you have something to say, say it as you. Multiple accounts ARE allowed, since we have no better way to support multiple registered callsigns in BZFlag, but, if you post on BZBB with more than one, you must not attempt to hide the association between them (in other words, pseudonyms and aliases are ok, sockpuppets are not). Posts by newly registered users where the user appears to have registered solely for the purpose of contesting administrative actions or participating in a single contentious topic will be deleted summarily.

21. Spamming is strictly prohibited. Sending out or posting unsolicited private messages to multiple people, either manually or using an automated method, or repeatedly posting the same or similar topics is a quick way to be removed. BZBB is not here to be your soap box, it is not your blog. If you want to say things about people, then do it on your own site ( blogspot, it's free, use it, love it )

We reserve the right to delete any topics, posts, users, attachments, images, private message, or other content that violates these guidelines in word or spirit, at our sole discretion. In general we will usually talk to you first if it is something that can be resolved. This webserver and it's content is private property. You our using our system, and therefore are subject to our rules, you are a guest here. The public webservices we provide are not governed by the open source license that the bzflag software is released under. Players do not have any inherent rights to use the service that we provide, we just do it because it is very useful. We also reserve the right to change or update these rules as we see fit as the community grows and evolves or as our needs change. If you would like clarification on things please ask.

These are our general guidelines, we do treat things on a case by case basis, and will look more to the intent behind the uses of the boards, not just the strict adherence to any list of rules.

If you do not agree with these rules, please feel free to not post, we didn't force you to sign up. It will be assumed that everyone who uses these services has read and understands the rules.

Please also read the FAQ (frequently asked questions) for more information on how to use this board.

On Ranks:

The image on the left under your name is your rank. We use them to give a little bit of info about the user and how they fit into the community.

People who have registered but never posted, are flagged as "registered user". Post once and you get bumped to "private". Post 5 or more times you become "private first class".

Users who are active and helpful to the project and it's community may get a special rank as a show of thanks. Developers and Admins also have special ranks so they can be identified.

In the end ranks mean nothing in regards to the game. They are just used on the forums.

Thank you,
The management

The Management is:
Bullet Catcher

Posted: Tue Jul 29, 2003 11:32 pm
by JeffM
If you want to change your name, please just go change it in your profile, It's real easy to change. You do NOT need to make a new account, you do NOT need an admin to do it for you. You definatly do NOT need to create multiple accounts with bogus e-mails, as that never helps.

You can change your name, keep all your old posts, your rank and everything. It's rather cool.

Re: Board Rules (or 21 ways to win friends and influence people)

Posted: Wed Jun 17, 2009 7:05 pm
by JeffM
*double Note*
These forums are not intended to be an archive for information. Over time posts will be pruned or removed. If you want information to stay around as a reference ( like info on how to make a particular map effect), then please post it on our wiki It is better suited for that.