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Posted: Wed Nov 24, 2010 5:04 am
by TheRisingSun
Ok, I thought I should update a few things. First off, I was running TS3 while playing and 5 ppl connected and talking, there was no noticeable effect on the lag.
I did not receive complaints and could not find any spikes.
Secondly, there is a great overlay plug-in for those that want to see who is speaking while playing bzflag.
The link to the file is:
(It is for windows user only, which sucks)
The file is fully configurable in the plug-ins folder of TS3, if you want to alter the colors, while in game you can drag the window where ever you want it.
There is a automated download for your directx, if it does not work, manually update the directx sdk to the latest release, since the plug-in only works with July's 2010 release.
So download the file, update directx and restart the PC, then start TS3 and put a checkmark in the "overlay plugin" box in the "settings" - "plug-ins" tab
We gained a few more ppl and the list contains now: CCB, Zac, Foo, Surf, Kierra, TheRisingSun (aNiMaL_MoThEr), Red-der, Colormad (csg), D3ad Turtle, blinky, Constitution, aznable, Cobra_fast, Solarisis, Zelgadis, EbErt, pacman, sigonasr2, tz...more to come I hope, the server is working great so far.
I hope to increase activity with this as well, because it is so much more fun.

Join us today :D

Below are 2 images that show the overlay, I put it in the top left corner, showing with and without team stats.
CCB is currently talking (small yellow lettering) everybody else is invisible. All the coloring is configurable.
This is what I like. If you want post your settings :)


In case you wonder about the tracks, it helps me on the "non-radar" maps :P
Just too lazy to turn it off, don't bother me, hehe


Yes, my radarshot length is 80!

Re: Teamspeak(3)

Posted: Thu Nov 25, 2010 1:18 am
by TheRisingSun
Issues known with the overlay:
1) While NOT using confined mousebox, you accidently click the overlay window and may mess up the gameplay.
*Fix use confined mousebox (I am not a dev and I could not find an option in the config to simply prohibit clicking the box in game)
2) When minimizing bzflag, then returning back to the game the overlay gets blurry and you can't make out names anymore.
*Fix restart BZflag

I am checked into these kinds of issues and was not very successful finding convenient solutions. If you figure something out, let us know.
The overlay is just an addition for the beginning, I am used to most ppl voice by now :D

Re: Teamspeak(3)

Posted: Fri Nov 26, 2010 4:44 am
by TheRisingSun
Upsetter said: "About the overlay: mumble has that also. Maybe they have the better solution there...."
...and I must say, TS3 is lacking there. The overlays you can get for it are either not working or full with bugs, not sure if they are working for mac or linux.
Why TS3 does not have an overlay implemented in it to begin with....I will never know.
The overlay in mumble does not seem to work for mac, at least ccb could not get it to back to the drawing board :P
I mean you get used to the voices real fast, lots of ppl and more new participants will make it difficult (esp. for users with only one PC/Laptop), but not impossible.
I did check whether or not mumble is the way to go and also checked into offering the services for it (servers).
But I am not impressed with mumble at all.
It is rather ugly and I could not figure out easily, how to set a server password and the only advantage is the overlay.
The server admin can't even talk...doh...confusing admin controls
Ergo, I find everything else BUT the overlay compared to TS3 is poor, but that is only my opinion after using teamspeak for almost a decade.
They have improved a lot, esp in managing the channels and lag/speak quality and so I will stick with it.

I mean so far, the TS3 features and appearance is great, it is extremely reliable and I could not spot any lag issues yet (after using it for a week).
There are way more servers offered for TS than mumble and you can set the quality in TS for each channel and the program manages the speeds automatically.
TS is easier to use and connect and the bookmarks make more sense, rather than the server window in mumble.

But anyhow, if you guys wanne check out mumble for yourselves, go ahead.

Like Upsetter said, this is not a war about what is better, TS or Mumble, just sharing my experience, since I spent some time with both of the programs.