BZSoccer League - Recruiting and Reforming

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BZSoccer League - Recruiting and Reforming

Post by SkillDude » Fri Dec 12, 2008 2:35 am

The BZSoccer League will soon be trying to reform and restart this whole league. Currently, there are a few players per team that still play BZFlag, but it would be nice to start reforming new teams and get going again. This may mean that some teams may have to start all over, but it doesn't matter.

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There's a few things I need to announce first.
-The MegaLoManium Team will be recruiting. Contact me if you would like to join this BZSoccer Team. I am only looking for players of equal skill to me, not better or worse. (Which made this team quite exclusive.)
-All original MegaLoManium members except for Homer23 and Ride are still in the team. You two, if you want to rejoin, just contact me and I'll put you back in.
-Since it is Winter, on December 25th through January 31st, the BZSoccer maps will turn into BZHockey maps during this period. The Tournament will take a big twist at this time, so take advantage of it!
-Also, we may be starting another BZSoccer Tournament soon, maybe based upon the similar idea of the Pillbox Pickup Contest for BZSoccer, where players compete with randomly selected teams.

So that's pretty much it. Hope we can get back in action soon, I'll be trying to get matches and force people into matches as before so we can start getting more people to join in!

Feel free to post here if you want me to add you to the TWILIGHT.OTHER group needed to spawn on the servers, and you've signed up at our website


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