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Another CTF event on super flag maps

Posted: Tue Jul 16, 2019 3:06 pm
by kierra
CTF event on super flag maps!
When: Sunday, July 21, 2019
Time: 3pm NY time, 19 UTC(London), 21 CEST (paris, berlin)
Where: port 5198
What: In place are several super flag maps including: Whammo!'s ctf map, BoxyWars, CastleWarfare, CrossAssault, Gloom, Space Invaders and more!

This is a timed ctf event. For those not familiar with timed matches, here are some tips and commands:
  • Please, please, always join a match server in obs and then join the actual game in pairs to keep teams even, ie 5vs5, 6vs6, etc.
  • matches will most likely be 20 min in length(though 15 min ones are possible depending on the map). Please commit to full length as leaving mid match disrupts team dynamics, unless an obs can sub
  • /maplist gives the maps that are available
  • /mapchange <mapname> Will load the map selected
  • timed matches, 15/20/30 min fun matches(fm) possible. command is /timelimit <#>
  • To start a fm: /countdown This gives you 10 sec to the start of fm. /countdown 20 gives you 20 seconds. You get the idea
  • /gameover On the rare occasion that you need to end a fm before the allotted time.

    Join in for the fun