Setting Up a Server for Dummies. How To?

Need help seting up a server, or have a question on how to run one? This is the place.
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Setting Up a Server for Dummies. How To?

Post by mrjohnp » Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:43 am

In our Primary school we have an after school club -Network Games. Up to last year the children enjoyed playing BZFlag. We had a 2004 Server and Win XP workstations.
This year we are now on Win 2008 server and win 7 workstations.
In the good old days, in the computer room, I would start BZ flag on one of the WorkStations and use that as the server for the other 18 machines.
It was very easy to set up as students only had to put the name of the Server I had created to join the action.
I can not do this now.
Has anyone got any basic , simple instructions for a BZFlag Dummy?


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Re: Setting Up a Server for Dummies. How To?

Post by blast » Sun Oct 09, 2011 12:46 pm

Use the IP address instead of the server's hostname. It usually isn't possible to resolve the IP address of a local host name with our client code (likely requires that it can be resolved with DNS). I don't think the LAN play gets a whole lot of testing.
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