Flags per zone

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Flags per zone

Post by quicka_thanu »

I have a few questions:

1. Is there a way to specify a number of flags in a zone? For example, I have three GM zones, and I want them all to always have 2 flags each. Specifying 6 GM flags on the whole map only distributes them evenly at the very beginning, and then if I pick up two and drop them, then the two flags in that zone are not immediately replaced (and should be).

2. Is there a way to limit shot range on ricochet flags only?

3. How do you specify whether a flag should be kept on the map or removed from the map when it is dropped?
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Point 1:change where you're zone says "flag GM" to "zoneflag GM 2". Here's mine.
size 10 10 10
position 0 -100 25
zoneflag GM 2

Point 2: No

Point 3: This isnt exactly what you're asking, but the setting the variable _maxFlagGrabs to 0 or 1 might help.
alternatively, you might also try the new flagStay plugin in 2.0.9. It works well.
Just be sure it loads before the .bzw loads because the plugin reads custom map objects.
Take a look at my Defender game mode concept.

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Post by Theme97 »

When you use "zoneflag GM 2", be sure to remove your +f GM{6} as zoneflag adds its own flags.
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