Open League tournament .:Cash prize:.

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Open League tournament .:Cash prize:.

Post by Carnage »

im trying to get another league started, to help create activity im considering the possibility of tournament with cash prize
show your support in here: ... threadid=7

Ive been debating this idea for awhile, and i am wondering if i do start this contest if players will participate.

this is my idea
-1 month tournament
-at the end of the month there will be 4 teams picked based on:
i. number of matches played
ii. number of matches won
-these 4 teams will have to match perhaps 'process of eliminating' until there is a winner (im still debating on how to do this still)
-there will be a cash prize
-Cash prize: from 20-50 EUROS
-team leader will decide who gets the cash
-i will only send via paypal

im thinking something like this to decide how much the cash prize will be.

-less than 300 matches (20 euros will be donated to the bzflag developers / maybe site maintainer)
(i will consider the possibility that 20 euro will go to the winning team to purchase something from the bzflag store)

- +300 matches winning team gets 25 euros (team leader decides)

- +800 matches winning team gets 50 euros (team leader decides)
- i will work out cash prize for other # of matches (ie. 500 matches might be 30 euros)

lemme know what you think
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Re: Open League tournament .:Cash prize:.

Post by Bambino »

Check is in the mail... :P
I know it's paypal

I think this will be great, I like the grassroots map, it's good to have some new ricochet opportunities.

Good Luck!
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Re: Open League tournament .:Cash prize:.

Post by Starski »

hmm hard to plan but i think it will.:) im in i guess.
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