Ducati X

User made maps to use on servers.
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Ducati X

Post by Xell » Thu Jun 18, 2009 11:32 am

Heres comes a new, ground-breaking map, Ducati X!

It sticks to the traditional ducati style, i.e. two team ctf, no jumping, two shot, rico, no superflags.
bzfi0015.jpg (35.62 KiB) Viewed 473 times
bzfi0016.jpg (32.31 KiB) Viewed 456 times
As you can see, there is an upper level, the big X across the whole map. You can get there either by using one of the teleporters in every corner (similar to HiX) or
bzfi0017.jpg (33.5 KiB) Viewed 456 times
you use one of these "trampolines". With some training you can even perfectly strafe someone who is on the upper level. So it's technically a no-jump map where you can jump.

Unlike common ducati maps, you can even pass flags which makes ctf style more interesting.

Oh, and it's public domain.

I forgot to mention that the server option "noClimb = 0" is necessary, otherwise the trampoline thingy won't work.
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Re: Ducati X

Post by allejo » Fri Jun 19, 2009 4:34 pm

its a good idea but from my view ducati is mostly dodging. the top level wouldnt let you dodge much since its pretty thin. personally im not in the ducati league but thats just my view
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Re: Ducati X

Post by Mopar Madness » Sun Jun 21, 2009 4:24 am

you can flag pass in ducati, xell :) you can only pass a flag from the opposite teams base and it goes between the front left and back left pyramids surrounding the opponent base, I know, basically worthless, but its still a flag pass :D

you can flag pass same way in PB, i think it goes back to your base on PB though, not 100% sure though.

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Re: Ducati X

Post by Monster » Sun Jun 28, 2009 12:31 am

This map looks great to me. It somehow reminds me of zaphod's GUX map.
Another well-playable-dodge-and-teamwork-map :)
Is it up, yet?
best wishes monster

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