Proposal for rikers/chesval | increasing league activity

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Re: Proposal for rikers/chesval | increasing league activity

Post by brad » Wed Feb 05, 2014 4:19 pm

Resetting scores ruins it. The whole point is to play smart from the start - get kills on noobs (allejo) early on to build your score for when it gets harder. Otherwise it's just hiding until the noobs get kicked, then starting to play.

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Re: Proposal for rikers/chesval | increasing league activity

Post by allejo » Thu Feb 06, 2014 7:01 am

jh^ wrote:As a retooling idea since you doing it: someone mentioned something which i thought was good idea: when there are 5 ppl left in game, scores would be reset, or when there are 30% left scores reset...maybe last one is better. That would make it bit different for sure, maybe it could be optional add? Like you could run the plugin or start the game with or without it.
I agree with brad that playing smart (not possible for him) from the start is the way to go but I do have a built-in option that will reset the scores for all of the players after each elimination; an admin can set the "_ltsResetScoreOnElimination" BZDB variable to true if you want to give that a shot. Since the functionality already partially exists, it'll be trivial to add for when only a few players remain.
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