Building plug-ins on Linux on 2.4.3+

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Building plug-ins on Linux on 2.4.3+

Post by allejo » Sun Aug 30, 2015 11:32 pm

The process to building plug-ins on Linux has changed for 2.4.4. Instead of directly adding the plug-in to the Linux build system, it will now be a configuration setting. See commit 2a0f128 and commit cdcf8ad

What does this mean?
Instead of executing the script, you will now be specifying which custom plug-ins you want to compile with ./configure using the --enable-custom-plugins option or the --enable-custom-plugins-file option instead of adding it to the Linux build directly.

Why did you do this?
Even though adding a plug-in to the Linux build was simple and quick, it was difficult to update certain files from Git after changes were made to So, instead of having to modify files tracked by Git to add a plug-in to the Linux build system, it's easier to specify them with ./configure.

Does this mean I have to specify each plug-in every. single. time. I run ./configure?
If you use --enable-custom-plugins, yes. If you use --enable-custom-plugins-file, then no. Using the latter option, you may create a separate file and list all of your third-party plug-ins and it will be read. If you would like to comment out a plug-in, using the # character will cause to ignore that specified plug-in.

This file will list all of the third-party plug-ins I want as part of my build, each on a new line.

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And finally... All you would have to run is this:

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./configure --enable-custom-plugins-file=plugins/plugins.txt

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