Zombie mode possible without bypassing API in 2.4.x

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Zombie mode possible without bypassing API in 2.4.x

Post by Zehra » Wed May 09, 2018 9:50 pm

I think I might have found how to make the humans vs zombies mode in 2.4.x without bypassing the API.

In 2.x there was a few 'hacks' which bypassed the API to make this possible. (Team switching, per-team variables, point awards..etc.)
We are now able in 2.4 to award points without bypassing the API and calling in a fake player for point awarding.
This was implemented as Game mode suggestion: Humans vs Zombies

Team switching is available as a feature in 2.6, so there is a ton of new modes and features possible.
Back to the main point, team switching and per team variables are NOT supported by the API in 2.4.
(Per team variables aren't implemented in 2.6 as far as I know.)

From this thread there was some good ideas taken: New Zombie GameType Pre-Alpha

The team switching could be done without teams.
So teams are implemented in rogue team.(Instead of phantom zone states.)

Probably you have considered how do we identify which team is which? (Since all are rogues.)
Well, there is one simple thing we can do, and that is give our rogues team flags.
Humans can be given red team flags and Zombies can be given SteamRoller.

Now, the next step is to solve the issue of zombies shooting.
We use the shotfiredevent....
So if our zombies fire a shot, we change it to PZ.

This is probably going to look bad, having zombie shots appearing on the radar.

So adjusting the shot range and shot speed can be done to "default" shots.
We'll reduce them to almost no range.
Lets also change shots from our 'human' players to 'rapid fire'.
Some minor adjustments will be needed to make it work well.
Zombies won't be able to basically shoot anymore and also they won't be flooding people's radars with shots.

The logic for choosing humans and zombies can be done by different methods.
1. Slash commands ( Type /human to be a human and /zombie to be a zombie.)
2. Join order (First one is human, second is zombie, this is human and so on...)
3. Random (Random number generation for humans and zombies can be done.)
4. Flag picking. (Depending on the flag the player picks before the game starts, that is the team they are on.)

The other thing is we also check flag drops and remove the flags on the field due to death.
We give the flags on spawn and if a player drops the flag, we just give it back to them.

We also check for kills and depending on the flags held, we award or deduct points to the killer.
We also check for flag drops and use this to adjust points properly too.

This is basically a rough draft which might give a few ideas on how to make this mode possible on 2.4.x without bypassing the API.

If there is enough interest, I might try to implement it some time.

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