Rabbit Hunt Map

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Rabbit Hunt Map

Post by Zehra »

Some screenshots of an upcoming map.
demo 1.png
Screenshot one
(30.79 KiB) Not downloaded yet
demo 2.png
Screenshot two
(32.77 KiB) Not downloaded yet
demo 3.png
Screenshot three
(27.97 KiB) Not downloaded yet
This map is inspired by Pac-Man, and will contain a few features which are not normally available in BZFlag.

-Point awards (Kill the rabbit to gain a point award.)
-Per-Team Flags (Flags can only be grabbed by certain teams.)
-TeamLimits (BZFS can't support exactly what I'm hoping for, so it is done via the API.)
-RabbitLimits (Rabbit is not deadly always.)

There is a few more concepts and ideas I have, but they might not be implemented.


p.s. Collaborator 2018 is still active.
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